Sunday Brunch at Reedville Market

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If you are in search of a delicious Sunday brunch, look no further than Reedville Market. The service and food here are always top-notch and their brunch was no exception. 

We were lucky enough to be seated on the waterside with a beautiful water view, which made for a truly picturesque dining experience. To start, we were treated to complimentary hush puppies - a delicious and perfectly timed as my stomach was starting to talk.

The main course was just as impressive. I opted for the Eggs Benedict with crab and was not disappointed - the flavors were well balanced and the crab added that familiar crab sweetness we all know in the Northern Neck. My 3-year-old daughter also had a great time, as the staff were more than happy to prepare a small filet of salmon for her.

The lack of take-out boxes on our table was a clear indication that this meal was a five-star success. The team at Reedville Market have truly nailed the brunch experience, and we can't wait to go back.


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